Spiritus et Aqua Absinthis minus Composita

January 26th, 2008

Or, Spirit and water of Wormwood, the lesser composition.

College. Take of the leaves of dryed Wormwood two pounds, Annis seeds, half a pound: steep them in six gallons of small wine twenty four hours, then distil them in an Alembick, adding to every pound of the distilled water two ounces of the best Sugar.

Let the two first pound you draw out be called Spirit of Wormwood, those which follow, Wormwood water the lesser composition.

Culpeper. I like this distinction of the College very well, because what is first stilled out, is far stronger than the rest, and therefore very fitting to be kept by itself: you may take which you please, according as the temperature of your body, either to heat or to cold, and the season of year requires.

It hath the same virtues Wormwood hath, only fitter to be used by such whose bodies are chilled by age, and whose natural heat abates. You may search the herbs for the virtues, it heats the stomach, and helps digestion.

Source: The Complete Herbal and English Physician Enlarged, Nicholas Culpeper

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