An Excellent Mouth Wash

February 21st, 2008

An excellent mouth wash is the following: Dissolve two ounces of borax in three pints of water; before quite cold, add to it one teaspoonful of tincture of myrrh, and one tablespoonful of rectified spirits; bottle the mixture ready for use. One wineglassful of this solution added to half a pint of tepid water is sufficient for each application. This solution if applied daily will be found to preserve and beautify the teeth and gums.

Source: Home Notes, 1895.

Receding Gums

February 21st, 2008

In order to try and check the gums from receding, they should be rubbed three or four times a day with a lotion of one drachm of tannic acid in an ounce of rectified spirit. They should also be rubbed vigorously with the fingers so as to stimulate the circulation of the blood, but not hard enough to make them bleed.

Source: Home Notes, 1895

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