Camphor Ice, For Chapped Hands Or Lips

July 13th, 2008

Spermaceti tallow 1 1/2 ozs; oil of sweet almonds 4 teaspoons; gum camphor 3/4 oz; made fine. Set on the stove until dissolved, constantly stirring. Do not use only sufficient heat to melt them.

Whilst warm, pour into moulds if desired to sell, then paper and put up in tin foil. If for your own use, put up in a tight box. Apply to the chaps or cracks two or three times daily, especially at bed time.

Source: Dr Chase’s Recipes, or Information for Everybody, A.W. Chase

A Preventive Of Constipation

February 11th, 2008

A preventive of constipation in children is to give a drink of warm water the first thing every morning. Especially in summer, when the little ones perspire freely, they should have a drink of water two or three times a day. Half a teaspoonful of almond oil given occasionally is also useful for the same purpose.

Source: Home Notes, January 1895.

Cold Cream

February 4th, 2008

Cold cream is often useful for roughness of the skin. A very good recipe for making it is the following:– Take a quarter of an ounce of white wax, and shred it into a basin, with one ounce of almond oil. Place the basin by the fire until the wax is dissolved; then add very slowly one ounce of rose-water, little by little, and meanwhile beat smartly with a fork, to make the water incorporate, and continue beating till it is accomplished; then pour into jars ready for use.

Source: Home Notes, January 1895.

Cold Cream

January 14th, 2008

Half a pint of rosewater; four ounces of oil of almonds; three drachms of white wax; three drachms of spermaceti.

Melt the white wax and spermaceti together with the oil of almonds. Then beat them all up, adding the rosewater slowly until it is cold. Put it in a pot, and pour some rosewater on the top.

Source: Warne’s Model Cookery and Housekeeping Book, Mary Jewry